I’m a PhD student working in the area of Evolutionary Computation. My thesis involves developing Evolutionary Algorithms based on Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of evolution. We face two oppositions simultaneously:

1) Creationists, who want to stick to their old biblical beliefs. No amount of factual / observational data changes their beliefs.
2) Neo-Darwinists, who want to stick to their old Darwinian beliefs. No amount of scientific / empirical advancements and challenges changes their belief.

Both these mental types make the same mistake. They cannot seem to disconnect the two things:

1) A natural phenomenon such as evolution.
2) Theory attempting to explain the phenomenon.

Where the creationists deny evolution because they cannot look at the facts divorced from the Darwinian angles, the neo-Darwinists cannot appreciate any alternative explanations because they look at evolutionary phenomenon only through the Darwinian lens.

This blog is an attempt to answer two questions:

1) Is there a need for another evolutionary theory? (What are the latest biological findings that even the Modern Synthesis cannot explain?)
2) What is the alternative theory of evolution? (How does this alternative explain both what Darwin can and what Darwin fails at?)


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